Today, I’m excited to announce that we have raised $11 million in a seed funding round led by Blume Ventures and Matrix Partners India, with participation from Storm Ventures, Neon Fund, and prominent angel investors from Silicon Valley and India.

We’re equally happy to announce that the product is now open to all. We can’t wait to show it to you and hear what you think. Sign up from our website to get started today.

You can read more about our funding on TechCrunch, Forbes, The Economic Times, Moneycontrol, and Inc42.

But if you want to know how we got here, read on.

A quick recap and our mission

Almost a year ago, when we introduced Atomicwork and announced our mission to the world, we were clear about two things.

One, we wanted to empower employees.

And two, we wanted to help service teams move away from transactional work and create meaningful impact.

Despite technological advances, employee experience (EX) solutions are stuck in the past and fall short of providing unified experiences, simpler processes, and efficient workflows. This problem has come into focus with companies adopting hybrid work and implementing dozens of point solutions that come with walled gardens.

With our initial mission and a handful of ideas, we spoke to leaders from over a hundred companies.

When we dug deeper, we realized that most EX programs targeted employee satisfaction on transactional issues and are not really aligned toward driving business outcomes.

And they inadvertently created silos between internal teams like IT, HR, Finance, Business Services, and Legal that were supposed to work together to improve their employees’ experience and productivity.

It was clear that people considered employee functions as cost centers rather than growth levers.

We saw an opportunity to reimagine how people look at EX by approaching this with a new mindset and leveraging modern technology.

The only thing left was to go after it and make it happen.

Going from employee support to employee success

When we spoke to companies and looked at legacy solutions, we realized that everybody was talking about customer delight and employee delight, but only a few companies were discussing what they were doing to make their employees successful.

We asked ourselves, “What if companies went beyond employee support and truly invested in the success of their employees? What if they reimagined their policies and processes and invested in the right solutions to put their employees at the heart of their business?”

This helped us embrace the change we wanted to create for ourselves and everybody around us.

We’re on a mission to help companies unlock employee success.

We’ve seen this story before in the world of CX, with the birth of customer success and companies investing in their customers to unlock their own success. A similar movement is waiting to happen in the world of EX, with companies set to go beyond employee support and find their way to employee success.

Once we had this clarity and alignment, we built a modern solution that drives employee-led growth, by enabling internal teams to work together, break down silos, and create lasting business impact.

What is Atomicwork, and why is it different?

When we started our journey with Atomicwork, we were at the right place at the right time to leverage Gen AI to build our product.

We want to solve established problems that companies and employees face every day, but also go beyond the boundaries of traditional solutions and think about new ways to unlock employee success with every interaction.

A big part of how we are realizing this vision is through Atom, our AI assistant, which plays an integral role in everything we do.

With Atom, we are bringing substantial improvements in several key areas that matter to businesses based on our research and findings.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the things you can expect:

Universal knowledge discovery

Modern service management

Powerful workflow automation

Organizational freedom and alignment

Our aim is to help every company get started with these best practices without needing to invest in complex frameworks or expensive solutions. We’ll help them create a culture of employee success early on in their journey and find better ways to scale their business.

We’re big believers in platform interoperability, which is why we want to make sure that we work well with all the other popular employee apps in use. We also want to build a solution that is team-and-department agnostic so that all teams across the company can use it without having to compromise their processes.

We’ve laid the foundations for all four of these capabilities with today’s launch and will continue to invest in them and other exciting ideas in the future. You can learn more about the product by visiting our website and requesting a live demo.

What Atomicwork means for the future of employee success

Today’s launch is a small step towards transforming how businesses think of employee experience, but it’s a big step for Atomicwork, the company.

We’re happy to be where we are today and excited to bring you more product updates in the coming weeks and months. We wouldn’t have gotten so far without the support of people who believed in us and our vision – the investors who took a bet on us, the leaders who gave us valuable feedback, the early adopters who shaped the first version of our product, and of course, our employees who have put in months of hard work to make this launch happen.

Stay in touch by subscribing to us on LinkedIn or X. We’re just getting started. 🙂